Bringing Employers and Job Seekers Together

Find-A-Job - Bringing Employers and Job Seekers Together Find-A-Job - Bringing Employers and Job Seekers TogetherBrining Jobseekers and Employers together
Find-A-Job - Bringing Employers and Job Seekers Together
A Free service by the Job Creation project " Sweet Stands"
Find-A-Job - Bringing Employers and Job Seekers Together

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FREE service for both Employers and Jobseekers

We all know how frustrating it is trying to either find a Job or find Employees, and let’s be honest the options are pretty limited unless you either want to pay a private agency, use a Government system that is so stretched it is unable to service individual needs, or go the newspaper ads route.

So….the Perfect Solution

…. setup a system where Employers can lodge jobs and search for Jobseekers, and where Jobseekers can lodge their resumes and also search for jobs…….without having to pay......that’s right…..for FREE!

Then add a few extra benefits, such as:

  • Protected Privacy – our system uses ID numbers to identify the Jobseeker, the Employer, and the Job. All initial contact is by email through our INTERNAL system.   This means neither party has to even disclose their email address to another until they are ready.   It also ensures that in order to participate in this system everyone MUST have given us a genuine email contact.
  • Jobseekers control WHAT information they divulge, and WHEN they divulge it, meaning a Resume can be lodged without the details that will identify you being displayed, and YOU choose WHICH prospective Employers you wish to disclose your identity to.  
  • Employers can lodge a job without identifying contact details until they CHOOSE to make contact with a suitable applicant.
  • Jobseekers have an “advertisement” of their skills available for search by Employers 24/7/365 days a year, and can of course also Search the Jobs Database 24/7/365 days a year – FREE!
  • Employers have an “advertisement” of their Job available for search by Jobseekers 24/7/365 days a year, and can of course also Search the Jobseeker Database 24/7/365 days a year – FREE!
  • Jobseekers will have FREE access to a Database of Jobs without the “filtering” that goes on by a third party eg an agency.
  • Employers will be able to advertise a Job in other media eg the paper and quote “To apply visit and quote Job #????”   This will allow the Employer to “filter” applicants without getting inundated with phone calls or emails directly.

Don’t just take our word for it!

By now, you can probably see how you can benefit from this new, innovative, easy-to-use system, but first have a look at what others have said:

“As an Employer who is expanding his business, I am about to start recruiting more staff.   This system offers me the ability to stay in control of that process and avoid wasting time with unsuitable candidates.   The fact that I don’t have to pay a fee is an added bonus.”

Steve Aitken - Brisbane Mobile Computers

“As a Jobseeker I always avoided putting any resume details on any employment site as I didn’t want everyone to know my personal history. Even if an employer had to pay to register, my details still identified who I was to employers I may not be interested in working with.

The problem with that is that an employer I did want a chance to work with couldn’t see my skills either. This system allows me to keep my identity private until I choose to reveal it, while still allowing me to advertise my skills to all prospective employers.”

Katherine Brooks - (now happily employed as an Office Manager)

Who’s behind this service?

The Job Creation Project Pty Ltd has been serving local communities since 1991.   One of its services the JCP Jobline has been offering a job-matching service since 1996.   This service was reliant on third parties who unfortunately have not been providing a level of service we have been happy with.  

Six months ago, the Project set out to find a new way to deliver an efficient job-matching service to Employers and Jobseekers and so was born.

The Job Creation Project Sweets Stand is a service provided FREE OF CHARGE to both Employers and Jobseekers being totally funded from the sale of lollies and chips on The Job Creation Project Sweets Stands.  

If you would like to know more about the Sweets Project please visit

So, what next, if you are an Employer or Jobseeker wishing to use this service?

Simply click on the Employer or Jobseeker tab at the top of this page or the links provided here!

Click here for Employer services          Click here for Jobseeker services

Welcome aboard, we are delighted to be of service!


Marilyn Bennett
The Job Creation Project Pty Ltd

PS: Employment Agencies are welcome to register as an Employer. This will enable them to search the database looking for suitable applicants (Jobseekers) for vacancies they may have on their books. They may then send an email to the Jobseeker through our internal system requesting the Jobseeker contact them directly. Please ensure, however, that you read our Terms and Conditions before doing so.